Hala Al Badry

Hala Al Badry


هالة البدري

Hala Al Badry is an Egyptian novelist, and journalist. Al Badry is the former chairman and editor-in-chief of the radio and television magazine, and president of the Egyptian branch of PEN International. She was born in Cairo in 1954 and completed her studies at Cairo University, where she studied business and then obtained a diploma in journalism in 1988. She worked for Rose El-Youssef magazine from 1972 to 1980, reporting from Baghdad for five years. From 1980 until 2014, she worked as a journalist for the radio and television magazine. In 2002 she was a guest of honour at the Algeria Book Fair. Al Badry helped set up a variety of publications, including the Iraqi Women’s magazine and Noon magazine in Cairo. She lectures at Assiut University, the Center for Arab Studies in Fayoum, Ain Shams University, and Helwan University.

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Date of birth : 1954
Country of birth: Egypt
Country of residence: Egypt

Selected bibliography

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*Working title


A Certain Woman, An obsession for Writing in Arab News, 2004

Refusing to cast a stonea review of “A Certain Woman” by Lana Asfour, 2004

Review of Muntaha in Rain Taxi, 2007

An Egyptian journalist with a newborn baby commutes between Cairo and Baghdad during the turbulent 1970s in Washington Independent Review, 2014

Hala El Badry: “My Experience with Writing” a podcast of the University of Chicago, 2009

Prizes and awards

  • Excellence Award from the General Syndicate of the Egyptian Writers Union, 2022
  • Honored by the Association of People of the Pen in Lebanon at the first forum of Arab women creators in March 2019
  • The Cities of the Wall won the Best novel award at the Cairo International Book Fair in 2018
  • Honored by the Women’s Union and the Supreme Council of Culture in 2013
  • Egyptian State Prize for Excellence in Literature in 2012
  • A Certain Woman won the Best novel Award at the Cairo International Book Fair in 2001

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