Nihad Sirees

Nihad Sirees


نهاد سيريس

Nihad Sirees is a novelist, playwright, and screenwriter. He was born in Aleppo, Syria, in 1950 and studied and worked as an engineer. He has written seven novels, a number of plays, as well as TV dramas such as “The Silk Market” which was aired on many Arab and international channels. He also wrote a TV series about the Lebanese-American poet and writer Khalil Gibran.

His best-known novels are The North Winds, State of Passion, and The Silence and the Roar, which was banned in Syria, and translated into several languages such as English, French, and German. He won the German Coberg Rückert Prize in 2013. 

The author chose exile and left Syria in 2012. He currently lives in Germany.

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Date of birth : 1950
Country of birth: Syria
Country of residence: Germany

Selected bibliography

  • الصمت والصخب, The Silence and the Roar, Dar Al Adab, Lebanon, 2004. French translation: Silence et tumulte, Robert Laffont, Canada, 2012, trans. by Ola Mehanna and Khaled Osman; English translation: The Silence and the Roar, Other Press, USA/Pushkin Press, UK, 2013, trans. by Max Weiss; German translation: Ali Hassans Intrige, Lenos Verlag, Switzerland, 2014, trans. by Regina Karachouli; Italian translation: Il silenzio e il tumulto, Il Sirente, 2014, trans. by Federica Pistono
  • حالة شغف, States of Passion*Attiya Publishing House, Syria, 1995; English translations: States of Passion, Pushkin Press, UK, 2018, trans. by Max Weiss; Chapter 1 (sample) by Khaled Al Jbail / International Writing Program, Iowa University
  • الكوميديا الفلاحية, The Pastoral Comedy*, Private Publishing, Syria, 1990
  • رياح الشمال, The North Winds*, Dar Al Hiwar, Syria, 1989

* Working title

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The Silence and the Roar an excellent novel about a brutal despot and an unlikely hero by The National, December 2012

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Prizes and awards

  • The German Coberg Rückert Prize, for The Silence and the Roar in 2013
  • English PEN Award for outstanding writing in translation for The Silence and the Roar trans. by Max Weiss in 2013

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