Abdallah Al Zayoud

Abdallah Al Zayoud


عبد الله الزيّود

Abdallah Al Zayoud is an award-winning Palestinian writer, born in Jordan in 1985. His published books include Yaltahim Nafsahu Badiʾan bi-Qadamayhi (Devours Himself Starting at His Feet, 2021), Paula: Qisasun ʿan Ghayri al-Natiqeen beha (Paula: Stories About Non-Speakers, 2016), and Lam Naltaqi Baʿd (We Haven’t Met Yet, 2013). Al Zayoud was awarded the Arab Youth Media Forum Prize in 2009 and the Mahmoud Darwish Prize in 2015.

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Date of birth : 1985
Country of birth: Jordan

Selected bibliography

  • يلتهم نفسه بادئًا بقدميه, Devours Himself Starting at His Feet*, Assir al-Kotob, Egypt, 2021
  • باولا: قصص عن غير الناطقين بها, Paula: Stories About Non-Speakers*, Arab Scientific Publishers, Lebanon, 2016
  • لم نلتقِ بعد, We Haven’t Met Yet*, Dar Kaf Publishing, Jordan, 2013

* Working title

Prizes and awards

  • The Mahmoud Darwish Prize, Ramallah, 2015
  • Arab Youth Media Forum Prize, 2009

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