Ahmad Harb

Ahmad Harb


أحمد حرب

Born in Al-Thahiriyyah, near Hebron, in 1951, Harb received a BA in English language and literature from the University of Jordan in 1974, a Masters in 1979 in English literature from Roosevelt University, USA, and a PhD in 1986 in comparative and English literature from the University of Iowa, USA. He worked as an Associate Professor of English literature at Birzeit University in Ramallah, Palestine; then served as Dean at the university’s Faculty of Arts. He authored many articles, essays, and studies in literature, culture and politics. He is a former Commissioner General for the Independent Commission of Human Rights (ICHR).

Date of birth : 1951
Country of birth: Palestine
Country of residence: Palestine
Contact: Ahmad Harb

Selected bibliography

  • بقايا, Remains*, Dar El Shorouk, 2018 (initially published in 1996).
  • الجانب الآخر لأرض الميعاد, The Other Side of the Promised Land*, Dar El Shorouk, 2018 (initially published in 1990)
  • إسماعيل, Dar El Shorouk, 2018 (initially published in 1987)
  • الصعود الى المئذنة, Climbing the Minaret*, Dar El Shorouk, 2008
  • حكاية العائد, Tale of returnee*, Manshurat Al Ruwwad, Palestine, 1982

*Working title


The Image Of The Jew In Ahmad Harb’s Trilogy by European American Journal, February 2017

Prizes and awards

  • The State of Palestine National Prize for literature 1997

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