Charles Akl

Charles Akl


شارل عقل

Charles Akl is a writer, cultural manager, and architect. He has written articles on tech and music reviews for online publications such as Mada Masr and Ma3azef, articles on urban architecture, and has shot a number of short films, pop science videos, and recorded podcasts. His published books include Ghidhaʾ li-l-Qibti (“Food for Copts”, 2017), Ahmar Larinj (“Red Like Orange”, 2020), and Qanadil al-Bahr (“Jellybird”, 2021). In addition to his writing, Akl has held positions in the cultural sector particularly related to music and the performing arts, working with the regional NGO Cultural Resource and Cairo’s El-Geneina Theatre, and acting as Director of the independent music platform Eka3

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Country of birth: Egypt
Country of residence: Egypt
Publisher(s): Kotob Khan & Al Karma

Selected bibliography

  • قناديل الجو, Jellybirds*, Al Karma Publishers, Egypt, 2021
  • أحمر لارنج, Red Like Orange*, Al Karma Publishers, Egypt, 2020
  • غذاء للقبطي, Food for Copts*, Kotob Khan Publications, Egypt, 2017

*Working title


BILA HUDOOD: The Taste of Letters, on Food and Food Writing by BILA HUDOOD, July 2021 (round-table discussion)

Review: Food for the Copt by Ahram Online, November 2017

Prizes and awards

  • Winner of the Sawiris Cultural Award (Emerging Novelist Category), for Red Like Orange in 2022
  • Jellybirds was a finalist for the Mahmoud Kahil Prize for best graphic novel in 2021 


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