Ibrahim Abdelmeguid

Ibrahim Abdelmeguid


إبراهيم عبد المجيد

Born in 1946, Ibrahim Abdelmeguid is a writer from Alexandria, Egypt. After obtaining a BA in philosophy from Alexandria University he left Alexandria to live in Cairo. He is the author of 14 novels and five short story collections, a number of which have been translated into English, French, and German. Some of his books have been adapted for television and film. His novels include: The Other Place (2004), The House of Jasmine (2005), The Hunter and the Doves (2006) and The Threshold of Pleasure (2007). He also published a book about the Egyptian revolution, Days of Tahrir (2011). He received both the Egyptian State Prize for Literature and the Sawiris Prize for his novel In Every Week there is a Friday (2009). He is best-known for his  “Alexandria Trilogy”: No One Sleeps in AlexandriaBirds of Amber, and Clouds Over Alexandria, which was translated into English and French. In most of his stories he deals with his home city at different historical eras, delving into critical social issues and subjects that are still considered a taboo in the Middle East, as with his latest novel Al Abera, published in 2020. Al Abera is a breathtaking account of the adventures and suffering of a transgender teenager in Egypt. Abdelmeguid is considered one of the most prominent writers in Egypt. 

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Date of birth : 1946
Country of birth: Egypt
Country of residence: Egypt

Selected bibliography

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