Latifa Baqa

Latifa Baqa


لطيفة باقا

Latifa Baqa is a feminist, human rights activist, and short story writer. She has published three collections and several of her individual stories have been translated into English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Turkish. Baqa was born in Salé, Morocco.

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Date of birth : 1964
Country of birth: Morocco
Country of residence: Morocco
Publisher(s): Editions Toubkal

Selected bibliography

  • غرفة فرجينيا وولف, Virginia Woolf’s Room*, Dar Toubkal, Morocco, 2014
  • منذ تلك الحياة, Since That Life*, Moroccan Ministry of Culture Publications, Morocco, 2005
  • ما الذي نفعله, What Are We Doing?*, Moroccan Writers Union Publications, Morocco, 1992

*Working title

Short stories translations:


I Will Be in the Place You Least Expect to Find Me: 10 Questions with Latifa Baqa by The Common, November 2021

Prizes and awards

  • Young Readers Book Award, for Virginia Woolf’s Room, Morocco, 2017
  • Moroccan Writers’ Union Award for Young Writers, for What Are We Doing?, 1992


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