Mahmoud Trawri

Mahmoud Trawri


محمود تراوري

Mahmoud Trawri is a novelist and journalist born in Tair, Saudi Arabia in 1968. He began writing and publishing articles while still a teenager. Trawri worked as a literary editor at the newspaper al-Watan, and won the 2001 Sharjah Award for Arab Creativity for his first novel, Maimouna. It recounts the story of several generations of a family of African immigrants to Saudi Arabia; evoking the racism the family met with and the role of local merchants in the slave trade. Since its publication the book has been considered one of the most important in its genre but it remains difficult to find, and is still not published in Saudi Arabia although editions were printed in Sharjah, Cairo, and Beirut.

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Date of birth : 1968
Country of birth: Saudi Arabia
Country of residence: Saudi Arabia
Contact: Mahmoud Trawri

Selected bibliography

  • نداءات الأزقة الأخيرة, Calls From the Last Alleys*, Muassasat Al Intishar Al Arabi, Lebanon, 2014
  • جيران زمزم , Zamzam’s Neighbours*, Dar Al Jadawel, Saudi Arabia, 2013
  • أخضر يا عود القنا, Green Lily*, Dar Al Jadawel, Saudi Arabia, 2011
  • ميمونة , Maimouna*, Dar Al Mada, Iraq, 2007

* Working title


Black Saudi author focuses on neglected history of African migration and slavery by Al-Fanar Media, July 2020

Outlawed works of fiction, which address topics like sex and politics, still make it into the hands of Saudi readers by The Christian Science Monitor, April 2004

Prizes and awards

  • Sharjah Award for Arab Creativity, 2001
  • Abha Short Story Award, 1992


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