Reports & research papers

About Arabic Literature

In this collection of multiple essays on contemporary Arabic literary production, Marcia Lynx Qualey, founding editor of ArabLit, an online publication that focuses on Arabic literature translated into English, and ArabLit Quarterly, a print and e-magazine, explores seven trends and themes in contemporary Arabic literature, whether written by authors in the MENA region or in exile in Europe.

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Studies on Arabic literature published in ten European countries

These ten studies on the translation of Arabic literature into European languages were carried out by translators and experts who studied a period spanning 2010–2020. They examine which Arabic language authors have been translated and published and by whom, and what the evolution and challenges have been.

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The Arab book market

The Arab book market is relatively young and suffers from a lack of infrastructure with little information and few statistics available about the publishing industry. In this study led by Dr. Khaled Azb, translated to English by Yasmin Haj and Nourhan Tewfik, the challenges facing the industry are examined, whether piracy, poor distribution, lack of support for translation, the diminishing role of public and university libraries in supporting the industry, and the effects of the pandemic on the market. It also highlights the growth markets, the importance of book fairs, and the fact that readership averages have increased over past nine years, and consequently the number of books that have been published.


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