Ahmad Rafiq Awad

Ahmad Rafiq Awad


أحمد رفيق عوض

Awad was born in Ya’bad, a small town in Palestine, in 1960. He studied biology at Yarmouk University in Jordan and graduated in 1982. He moved to Ramallah in 1992, where he co-founded the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation and continued working there.

He also studied media in Denmark and obtained a PhD in political science from Cairo University in 2006. Awad’s first novel, The Virgin in the Village, about life in a small Palestinian village, was published in Palestine in 1997. It was well received and republished in Cairo by Dar Sharqiyat in 2000. His other works include novels, collections of short stories, and several political and social studies on the question of Palestine, terrorism and information. He currently lives in the West Bank, Palestine.

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Date of birth : 1960
Country of birth: Palestine
Country of residence: Palestine

Selected bibliography

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