Ann El Safi

Ann El Safi


آن الصافي

Ann El Safi is a Sudanese writer, journalist, media professional and computer engineer, currently living between the UAE and Canada. Her published novels include Fulk al-Ghuwaya (The Ark of Seduction, 2014), Kama Rauh (Like Spirit, 2016), Innahu Huwa (It’s Him, 2017), Khubz al-Gajar (The Bread of Gypsies, 2019), and Al-Mashiy ʿala al-Zojaj (Walking on Glass, 2022). With a professional background in technology, media, and human development, she writes and lectures on a variety of topics. Her ongoing project Writing for the Future explores the writer’s role in responding to sociocultural and technological changes and integrating them in the fictional worlds they create.

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Country of birth: Sudan
Country of residence: United Arab Emirates & Canada
Publisher(s): Dar Fada’at

Selected bibliography

  • المشي على الزجاج, Walking on Glass*, Dar Fada’at, Jordan, 2022
  • “Freedom of Flight” short story in English translated from Arabic by Nariman Youssef, Words Without Borders, 2020
  • خبز الغجر, The Bread of Gypsies*, Dar Fada’at, Jordan, 2019
  • إنه هو , It’s Him*, Thaqafa Publishing and Distribution, UAE, 2017
  • الكتابة للمستقبل, Writing For the Future*, Dar Fada’at, Jordan, 2016
  • كما روح, Like Spirit*, Dar Fada’at, Jordan, 2016
  • فلك الغواية, The Ark of Seduction*, Dar Fada’at, Jordan, 2014

*Working title


Interview With Novelist Ann Al-Safi by SudaNow Magazine, February 2018

Prizes and awards

  • Al-Tayeb Salih International Creative Writing Award (2nd place), 2022

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