Bashir Khrayyef

Bashir Khrayyef


البشير خريف

Born in the oasis of Nefta, in south-west Tunisia, from a well-known family of writers, Bashir Khrayyef moved to Tunis at an early age. He taught in various areas of Tunisia and finally in Tunis, and also worked as a tradesman in Tunis’ medina.  He published his first short stories at the age of twenty and went on to write several novels, all well received. His writing is known for the liveliness of its dialogues, written in Tunisian Arabic. The Union of Arab writers included him among the 100 best novelists of the 20th century.

Date of birth : 1917
Date of death: 1983
Country of birth: Tunisia
Country of residence: Tunisia
Publisher(s): Sud Editions

Selected bibliography

  • مشموم الفل, Jasmine Bouquet*, Tunisia, 1975
  • الدقلة في عراجينها, The Date in Its Cluster*, Tunisia, 1969
  • برق الليل, Night Lightning*, Tunisia, 1961

* Working title


Béchir Khraïef : voix majeure de la narration en Tunisie (in French) by Leaders, April 2018

Prizes and awards

  • Great Mantle of Culture, 1990
  • Grand Prize for Literature and Thought, 1981
  • Ali Belhouane Municipal Prize, 1960


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