Faisal Al Suwaidi

Faisal Al Suwaidi


فيصل السويدي

Faisal Al Suwaidi is an Emirati writer born in 1989 in Sharjah. He studied media and business management in the UK. His literary career began in 2015 and he has since published books on human development, poetry, and fiction. His books include, The People’s Club Novel (2015) Faisaliah’s Reflections (2015) How Do I Understand Ramadan (2015) I’m Growing Up Mom (2016) Murder in the Café (2017) Faisaliah’s Reflections II (2019), and Beneath the Wings of Angels (2021). He lectures in the field of culture, and recently learned Spanish with the goal of building bridges of communication between Arabic and Latin literature. Some of his poems have been translated into Spanish.

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Date of birth : 1989
Country of birth: United Arab Emirates
Country of residence: United Arab Emirates
Publisher(s): Al Arabi
Contact: Al Arabi

Selected bibliography

  • القرية التي حلقت فوقها الملائكة, Beneath the Wings of Angels, Al Arabi lil Nashr wa Al Tawziʻ, 2021; English translation: Beneath the Wings of Angels, 2023, trans. by Karazmona Hamdy
  • جريمة في المقهى, Platinum Book, 2017

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