Hayat Erraies

Hayat Erraies


حياة الريس

Hayat Erraies is a Tunisian author. She received her B.A in philosophy in 1981 from Baghdad University, before returning to Tunisia where she taught philosophy, while writing fiction, poetry, and essays on feminism. She founded the Tunisian Women’s Writers Syndicate, and worked at local and Arabic newspapers.

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Country of birth: Tunisia
Country of residence: Tunisia
Contact: Hayat Erraies

Selected bibliography

  • بغداد وقد إنتصف الليل فيها :‏ ‏مذكراتي الجامعية في بغداد, Bagdad at Midnight: an Autobiography, Dar Mayarah lil Nashr wa Al Tawziʻ, 2018. English translationBaghdad at Midnight: an Autobiography, Just Fiction Edition, 2022
  • أنثى الريح : و، رسائل أخطأت عناوينها, The Female Wind and Misspelled Letters*, Dar Al Tunisiyah lil Kitab, Tunisia, 2011
  • ‏ليت هندا‏, I Wish*, Samid, Tunisia, 1991

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