Baghdad at Midnight: an Autobiography

Baghdad at Midnight: an Autobiography
بغداد وقد انتصف الليل فيها
(Baghdad wa qad intasafa al layl fiha)

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(حياة الريس)

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A Tunisian girl in Baghdad of the 1980s

An autobiographical novel by the Tunisian writer Hayat Erraies. This novel brings together history, psychology, philosophy, religion, culture, romance, war, and peace. It is a panorama in which one can find joy, tragedy, sarcasm, and sobriety. It deals with ideals of love, the struggle against tradition, the image of the other, identity issues, and the concept of language.

Baghdad at Midnight shows the liveliness of language and how it has its own identity. It also sheds light on different dialects of the same language. Although this novel is a literary work, it engages with issues of language including phonetics, and the meaning of words.

Approximate number of pages: 240 p.

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Reasons to publish this book

This book gives us a glimpse of life in Iraq before the war through the eyes of an enraptured young Tunisian girl, challenging stereotypes about Iraq.


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