Ra’ad Abdulqadir

Ra’ad Abdulqadir


رعد عبد القادر

Ra’ad Abdulqadir, born in 1953, was an Iraqi poet and journalist. He earned a PhD in Islamic philosophy and was a pioneer of the Iraqi prose poem. He began publishing his work in the 1970s, and during his lifetime published around 15 books of poetry. He was a lifelong editor of the literary magazine, Aqlam, considered one of the best in the Arab world. Living under a dictatorship and surviving the Iraq-Iran War, the Gulf War, and sanctions, Ra’ad, as writer and translator Mona Kareem put it “processes collective despair with a tone of subtle sarcasm­—a quality unusual of Iraqi poetry.” Ra’ad died in 2003.

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Date of birth : 1953
Date of death: 2003
Country of birth: Iraq
Country of residence: Iraq
Publisher(s): Dar Al Mada
Contact: Haydar Raad

Selected bibliography

  • عصر التسلية: صقر فوق رأسه الشمس, Falcon With Sun Overhead*, Dar Al Mada, 2006
  • أوبرا الأميرة الضائعة, The Opera of the Lost Princess*, Dar Al Shu’un, 2000
  • جوائز السنة الكبيسة, Leap Year Prizes*, Dar Al Shu’un, 1995
  • مرايا الأسئلة, Mirrors of Questions*, Dar Al Shu’un, 1979

English translations of poems:

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