Falcon With Sun Overhead

Falcon With Sun Overhead
(working title)
صقر فوق رأسه شمس
(Saqr fawqa raasahu shams)

Written by

(رعد عبد القادر)

Published by


A collection of prose poems set in Iraq of the 1990s and early 2000s

Published in Baghdad in 2006, Falcon With Sun Overhead inspired a new generation of Iraqi poets, charmed by Ra’ad Abdulqadir’s ability to write tender poems in times of destruction and fury. While many of his peers were writing poems about battlefields and faraway exiles, Ra’ad was looking inwards at the loneliness of those left behind. Hailed for its cinematic portrait of Iraq under sanctions—the bread queues, overcrowded cemeteries, empty schools, and the difficult departures and returns, Ra’ad’s work commemorates the wonders of a city staying still, one blink at a time.

Foreign rights: estate of Ra’ad Abdulqadir

Approximate number of pages: 356 p.


Reasons to publish this book

Ra’ad Abdulqadir is one of the most important modern Iraqi poets. His poems are cinematic, heartbreaking, and frightening, capturing the horrors that the Iraqi people endured throughout decades of war and sanctions. For poetry readers in Europe, Ra’ad’s will be a captivating voice in his stylistics and story frames.



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