Rana Zeid

Rana Zeid


رنا زيد

Rana Zeid is a Palestinian-Syrian poet and writer. She was born in Damascus in 1981 and graduated from the University of Damascus with a BA in Arabic Literature. She left Syria in 2012, and currently lives in Rouen, France.

Zeid became known for her writing in Europe as early as 2013. She first participated in the residency program “Art in Exile” (Copenhagen, Denmark), organised by the publishing house Korridor No. 33.

Her work Hesitant Angel, written in Arabic, was translated into Danish by Korridor No. 33 in 2015. In 2016, her book Girl X Psychosis was published by the Roskilde Museum of Contemporary Art in Arabic and Danish. The book focuses on the events and traumatic experiences of a witness to the Syrian revolution in 2011.

Zeid’s poems were published in French in the book Anthologie des femmes poètes du monde arabe, Le Temps des Cerises, Paris, 2019. Her text Brev til det varme vand (Letter to Warm Water) appeared in Danish and Arabic in an anthology published by Screaming books, Copenhagen, 2019.

Her poems and texts have been published in the following literary journals: Wolf Magazine, 2012, Great Britain; Hvedekorn 2017, Denmark, Glänta, 2017, Sweden, and Revista Banipal, Spain, 2022.

Her website (in French, Danish and Arabic): ranazeidblog.wordpress.com

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Date of birth : 1981
Country of birth: Syria
Country of residence: France
Contact: Rana Zeid

Selected bibliography

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*Working title


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