Hesitant Angel

Hesitant Angel
(working title)
ملاك متردد
(Malak mutaradid)

Written by

(رنا زيد)

Published by


A debut collection of deeply affecting poems about a young woman’s experience living through the trauma of the Syrian revolution in 2011

Hesitant Angel is a critically acclaimed debut poetry collection by Rana Zeid, first published in Lebanon in 2012. The collection reflects a young woman’s innermost thoughts ranging from love, to being a woman in her thirties, to a poem about a sniper. The collection was published as En tøvende engel in Danish in 2015.

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Reasons to publish this book

A sensitive and intimate deep dive into the thoughts of a young poet who grew up in Syria and experienced the trauma of the revolution in 2011 against the Syrian regime.


  • Danish


    by June Dahy

    published as

    En tøvende engel in Denmark in 2015 by Forlaget Korridor
  • French


    by Dima Abdallah

    published as

    Un ange hésitant in France in 2014 by l’Oeil de la Maison des Journalistes (magazine)
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