Rosa Yassin Hassan

Rosa Yassin Hassan


روزا ياسين حسن

Born in 1974, Rosa Yassin Hassan is a Syrian writer. After studying architecture, she began to work as a writer and journalist in 2007 and has published several award-winning novels. She left Syria in 2013 after receiving threats from the authorities because of her role in the secular left-wing opposition and her leadership of the feminist association “Women for Democracy”. She now lives in Germany.

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Date of birth : 1974
Country of birth: Syria
Country of residence: Germany
Contact: Rosa Yassin Hassan

Selected bibliography

  • البحث عن كرة الصوف, In Search of the Ball of Wool/Three Days in the Labyrinth of Exile*, Riad Al Rayyes, Lebanon, 2022
  • بين حبال الماء, Between Jets of Water*, Dar Sard and Dar Mamdouh Adwan, Syria, 2019
  • الذين مسّهم السحر, Those Touched by Magic*, Dar Al Jamal, Lebanon/Germany, 2016. German translation: Weg sein, Hier sein, Secession Verlag für Literatur, Germany, 2016 (anthology)
  • حرّاس الهواء, Keepers of the Air*, Riad Al Rayyes, Lebanon, 2009. German translation: Wächter der Lüfte, Alawi Verlag, Germany, 2013. French translation: Les Gardiens de l’air, Actes Sud, France, 2014, trans. by Emmanuel Varlet. Italian translation: I guardiani dell’ aria, Poiesis, Italy, 2017, trans. by Federica Pistono
  • Interview with the author, Qantara, 2013
  • نيغاتيف, Negative*, Institute for Human Rights, Egypt, 2007
  • ابنوس, Ebony*, Syrian Ministry of Culture, Syria, 2004. German translation: Ebenholz, Alawi Verlag, Germany, 2011
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*Working title


What did exile change in our narratives? by Syria Untold, January 2021

Cérémonie de remise du Prix de la littérature arabe 2014  (in French) by Lagardère, December 2014 (press release)

Exiled in Europe: An Interview with Three Women Writers by Words Without Borders, September 2014

Interview with the Syrian Writer Rosa Yassin Hassan in Qantara, June 2013

Rosa Yassin Hassan by Banipal

Prizes and awards

  • Lagardere / IMA Prix special mention by the jury in 2014
  • On the list of Beirut 39, a group of emerging writers under the age of 40, in 2009
  • Hanna Mina Award for Young Literature in Damascus, 2004

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