Sahar Mandour

Sahar Mandour


سحر مندور

Born in 1977, Sahar Mandour is a Lebanese-Egyptian journalist and author. She studied psychology in Beirut and journalism in London, where she obtained a master’s degree in media studies in 2015. From 1998 to 2017 she worked for the Lebanese daily newspaper As-Safir focussing on the legal and social situation of women, social movements and cultural production in Lebanon, Egypt, and Palestine. She is the author of four novels, I’ll draw a star on Vienna’s forehead, 2007/ 1st ed. La Cedetheque, 2nd ed. Dar Al-Shorouq, Beiruti love, 2009, Dar Al-Adab, 32, 2010, Dar Al-Adab (‎Syracuse University Press, 2016, transl. Nicole Fares), and Mina, Dar Al-Adab, 2012. She is currently a Researcher for Amnesty International Lebanon and Jordan.

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Date of birth : 1977
Country of birth: Lebanon
Country of residence: Lebanon
Publisher(s): Dar Al Adab & Dar El Shorouk

Selected bibliography

  • مينا, Mina*, Dar Al Adab, Lebanon, 2012
  • 32, Dar Al Adab, Lebanon, 2010. English translation: 32, Syracuse University Press, 2016, trans. by Nicole Fares (read excerpt here)
  • حب بيروتي, A Beiruti Love*, Dar Al Adab, Lebanon, 2008
  • سأرسم نجمة على جبين فيينا, I’ll draw a star on Vienna’s forehead*, Dar El Shorouk, Lebanon, 2007

* Working title


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Hobb Beiruti, a review by Youssef Rakha by Bidoun, Spring 2009

Prizes and awards

  • Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) literary grant for Mina in 2012

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