Saleem Albeik

Saleem Albeik


سليم البيك

Saleem Albeik is a Palestinian-Syrian writer who lives in Paris. He arrived in France in 2013, where he learned French and continued to work as a journalist, writing about cultural topics. He works as a film critic for Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper, is the editor-in-chief of Romman, a cultural Arab online magazine and writes and presents the cultural magazine for Radio Monte Carlo in Paris. He has worked as a film programmer for a range of Arab film festivals. Albeik has published seven books including three novels, and is now working on a new novel as well as a non-fiction book on Palestinian narratives in cinema.

His website (in Arabic):

Date of birth : 1982
Country of birth: United Arab Emirates
Country of residence: France
Publisher(s): Dar Al Saqi
Contact: Saleem Albeik

Selected bibliography

  • عين الديك, The Cock’s Eye*, Hachette-Antoine-Naufel, Lebanon, 2022
  • سيناريو, Scenario*, Al Ahliya, Jordan, 2019. English translation (sample): Scenario, The Short Story Project, trans. by Raphael Cohen
  • تذكرتان الى صفورية, Two Tickets to Saffuriyah*, Dar Al Saqi, Lebanon, 2017
  •  ليس عليك سوى الماء, All You Need is Water*, Raya, Palestine, 2015
  • كرز او فاكهة حمراء للتشيزكيك, Cherries, or Red Fruit for Cheesecake*, Al Ahliya, Jordan, 2011
  •  خطايا لاجئ, Sins of a Refugee*, Kanaan, Damascus, 2008

*Working title


Rencontre avec Michel Khleifi, Saleem Albeik et Faycal Hassairi (in French) by Radio France, December 2021 

Writing (in) Exile: A Forum on Literature, Writing and the Experience of Exile in Writing in exile Forum (EUME) in Berlin, 2017

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