Death and Memory

Death and Memory
(working title)
عن الذاكرة والموت
(An al dhakirah wa al mawt)

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(سعد الله ونوس)

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A cross-genre book, reflecting on life, death, and theater, by one of the masters of modern Arabic theater

This book is a unique work of modern Arabic literature because of its hybrid nature– it moves between fiction, autobiography, diaries, and play-writing. Wannous wrote most of the texts in this book while being treated for cancer, a journey that lasted for five years before his death. His struggle with illness appears in many of the texts, hallucinating under the influence of painkillers, or describing a near-death experience. Texts like “Immigrating away from the forest” or “This is how I found the kittens” alternate between the real and fictional.

Approximate number of pages: 175 p.

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Reasons to publish this book

Wannous’ work has been translated into several languages. His plays have been shown worldwide, from South Korea to the USA, so there is already growing interest in his work. This book makes a great introduction to his work; readers from all backgrounds can connect with its content and style as it reflects on core subjects such as illness, death, dreams, and creating a meaning to life.



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Sadallah Wannus: His Last Five Years, His Greatest as Playwright by Al Jadid, Winter 2001

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