Thus Spoke Abu Hurayrah

Thus Spoke Abu Hurayrah
(working title)
حدّث أبو هريرة قال
(Haddatha Abu Hurayrah qal)

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(محمود المسعدي)

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A journey away from religion to sexuality and pleasure

Abu Hurayrah, the protagonist of this novel, lives in Mecca in an environment where religion is a social setting for social relations and traditions. He invites his friend to come out on a trip with him, and on their first day, they see a girl and a boy dancing naked. Abu Hurayrah attempts to resist the seduction, returning to praying and family life in Mecca, but in the end, he decides to leave Mecca and take a journey into self exploration and pleasure.

The novel does not have a specific setting, except for Mecca, as imagined by the author. Each of the characters become an allegory or a social archetype. It is more of a philosophical novel, written over a period of ten years. The author took inspiration from the Arabic canon by composing twenty two tales narrated in various accounts. The novel resembles the way the Prophet Muhammad’s hadith are stylistically structured. Even the protagonist is named after the prophet’s companion Muhammad who documented many of his hadith.

Approximate number of pages: 209 p.

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Reasons to publish this book

It was chosen by the Arab writers union as one of the best 100 Arabic novels in history. The literary value of this book and its language make it one of the important novels to deal with existential questions about life and meaning. It’s already been translated into French, German, and Italian but not English or other European languages.


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