Alhassan Bakri

Alhassan Bakri


الحسن بكري

Alhassan Bakri was born in Sudan in 1954. He studied English Literature at the University of Khartoum as well as English language studies at Aston University (UK). He has taught English language and translation at several institutes and universities in the Arab world including Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, where he lives. In his novels he uses a sophisticated language to depict the rich history of both the Arab and African cultures of Sudan. In 2013 he was awarded the prestigious Tayeb Saleh Prize for best novel of the year for his novel Ahwal Almuharib Algadeem (the condition of the old warrior), and his other publications have been lauded in Sudan and in the Arab world in general. 

Date of birth : 1954
Country of birth: Sudan
Country of residence: Qatar
Publisher(s): Dar Elain
Contact: Alhassan Bakri

Selected bibliography

  • عرق محبة ، صدرت, The Tribe of Love*, Dar Al Musawwarat, 2021
  • حكاية مدينة واحدة, The Story of One City*, Dar El Ain, 2018
  • رواية طقس حار, Hot Weather*, Al Dar Al Arabiyya lil-‘ulum, 2011
  • أحوال المحارب القديم, The Condition of the Old Warrior*, Markaz ‘Abd al-Karim Mirghani, 2004
  • سمر الفتنة, Discord Conversations*, Al Sharika Al Sudaniyya lil-tiba’a, 2002
  • أهل البلاد الشاهقة, The People of the Highlands*, Al Ahali, 1997

*Working title

English translations:


La littérature arabophone du Soudan, reflet de sa richesse culturelle (in French) by Etudes littéraires africaines, 2009

Prizes and awards

  • Tayeb Salih Prize for أحوال المحارب القديم, The Condition of the Old Warrior* in 2013 

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