Manhal Al Sarraj

Manhal Al Sarraj


منهل السراج

Manhal Al Sarraj was born in Homs, Syria, and has been living in Sweden with her family since 2006. She holds a degree in engineering. 

She has written dozens of articles on political, social and religious subjects. A lifelong militant, she refused to join the Syrian Arab Writers Union for political reasons and since 2006 has been a member of the Swedish Writers’ Union. Her literary production is closely connected to the history of the city of Hama. She has published four novels, a collection of short stories and several other short stories in the Arab press in “an effort to reclaim the [Hama] massacre’s story from the official narrative and record the traumatic impact on those who lived through it”.

Date of birth : 1964
Country of birth: Syria
Country of residence: Sweden

Selected bibliography

  • عصي الدم, Stronger Than Blood*, Dar Al Adab, Lebanon, 2012
  • كما ينبغي لنهر, As a River Should*, Arab Scientific Publishers, Lebanon and El Ikhtilef, Algeria, 2007

* Working title


Each cry from Syria is for you by Penopp, 2012

Prizes and awards

  • Al Sarraj’s first novel كما ينبغي لنهر  (As a river should) won the third Prize for Arab creativity in Sharjah in 2002, after being banned in Syria in 2000. It had been republished in the United Arab Emirates in 2003


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