Mohamed Farag

Mohamed Farag


محمد فرج

Mohamed Farag is an Egyptian writer and journalist. His short story collection Khitat tawilat al-aja (Long-Term Plans) was published in 2019, followed by his short work of narrative prose Muyawama – hayku ‘amil mu’asir (Day Labor – Haiku for a contemporary worker) in 2020. Long-Term Plans was awarded the Sawiris prize for best short story collection by a young writer in 2020. He is currently working on a new project entitled Tamshiya bi-jiwar Ulis (Walking with Ulysses – in search of Dr. Taha), about the Egyptian translator Taha Mahmoud Taha and his translations of James Joyce’s works. He worked as a cultural journalist for various Egyptian and Arab newspapers and online magazines, among which Akhbar Al-Adab, Al-Badeel, As-Safir and Bab Al Mutawassit online magazine. He was part of the Egyptian editorial team of, an online magazine specialising in North African issues, as well as working as an editor for the Egyptian Al-Manassa website. He currently works as an editor for the new online magazine Khatt30.

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Date of birth : 1981
Country of birth: Egypt
Country of residence: Egypt
Publisher(s): Dar Elain & Al Mahrousa
Contact: teneleven (agency)

Selected bibliography

  • مياومة : هايكو عامل معاصر, Day Labour: Haiku For a Contemporary Worker*, Dar El Mahroussa, Egypt, 2020
  • خطط طويلة الأجل, Long-Term Plans*, Dar El Ain, Egypt, 2019

*Working title


Translation Tuesday: “Don’t Cry” by Mohamed M. Farrag in Asymptote, October 2019

Prizes and awards

  • Sawiris prize for best short story collection by a young writer for Long-Term Plans in 2020

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