Soukaina Habiballah

Soukaina Habiballah


سكينة حبيب الله

Moroccan poet and novelist Soukaina Habiballah was born in Casablanca in 1989. She has published four poetry collections, two novels and one short stories collection. Habiballah has received many awards including, the Buland Al Haidari Prize for Arabic poetry in 2015, the “Floating Voices” award of poetry in Italy and the 2018 Nadine Shames Prize for Arab Screenwriters for her short film Who Left the Door Open? She performed her poetic play “Ninni Ya Momo” in the official programme of the 2022 Avignon Festival. She was an Honors Writing Fellow at the University of Iowa and participated in the university’s 2019 International Writing Program. She works as translator and creative writing instructor.

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Date of birth : 1989
Country of birth: Morocco
Country of residence: Morocco
Contact: Soukaina Habiballah

Selected bibliography

  • نيني يا مومو, “Dodo Ya Momo Dodo”, theatre play in French and Arabic, 2022
  • خطة بديلة, Plan B*, Al Mutawassit, 2019
  • Translation sample by Kaylee Lockett of an excerpt from her novel The Barracks available to download here, 2019
  • Poem Anatomy of the Rose, translated to English by Kareem James Abu-Zeid, Words without Borders, 2016
  • بيت القشلة , The House of Qashla*, Arab Scientific Publisher, 2016
  • ربع قرن من النظ, Quarter A Century of Gazing*, Arab Scientific publisher, 2014

*Working title


Le projet Shaeirat donne à entendre de nouvelles voix poétiques arabes (in French) by La Terrasse, juin 2022

Anatomy of the Rose by Words Without Borders, March 2016 (excerpt from one of her writings)

Prizes and awards

  • AFAC grant for creative writing, 2019
  • Buland Al Haidari Arabic poetry award in 2015

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