Drowned in Laughter

Drowned in Laughter
(working title)
غارقون بالضحك
(Ghariqun bi al dahk)

Written by

(زياد خداش)

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Palestinian stories on fictional attempts to escape the reality of life under occupation

Each of these sixteen short stories are one to three pages long. All stories are set in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, in the West Bank and Jerusalem, describing life under the surveillance of the Israeli army. If these stories begin from this reality, they then move into surrealist and fictional worlds where the author escapes to. Not only is it a collection of stories about Palestinian life, it also shows how imagination is a form of resistance.

Approximate number of pages: 136 p.

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Reasons to publish this book

Khaddash is a master of the Palestinian short story. In this collection, he mixes reality with fiction to make us feel in depth the reality of life under occupation.


Well-Lit Garden by The Common, May 2022 (excerpt)

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