A House in Juba

A House in Juba
(working title)
بيت في جوبا
(Bayt fi Juba)

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(أحمد الملك)

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A story about a family and the absurdity of civil war written in the magical realism genre

The novel begins with the execution of a character, Nuraddin, by the army. The setting is Juba, in southern Sudan before the country’s independence, during the long civil war between the North and South. The author explores the idea of a multi-ethnic family torn apart by the war, as a symbol of Sudan’s complex identity, with characters deeply rooted in Arabic as well as African cultures. Nuraddin and ‘Abdaddaim are the sons of a woman from the Dinka tribe, and an Arab trader from the North who settled in Juba during the colonial period. ‘Abdadda’im becomes a soldier in the government army, while his brother joins the rebels of the Anyanya separatist army; each representing the absurdity of the Sudanese civil war.

Approximate number of pages: 110 p.

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Reasons to publish this book

The novel is deep-rooted in both African and Arabic culture, perfectly encapsulating the complexity of Sudan’s heritage and modern history – it will please fans of both Arabic and African literature. The novel belongs to the magical realism genre and is an excellent example of this literary trend in Sudan.

Reviewed by Xavier Luffin