Edo’s Souls

Edo’s Souls
(أرواح إدَّو (إدو الكائن السماوي
(Arwah Iddu)

Written by

(إستيلا قايتانو)
An intergenerational magical-realist story about war and conflict in Sudan

This wide-ranging historical novel centers around motherhood in 1970s and 1980s Sudan, ending when Omar al-Bashir seizes power in 1989.

It begins in what is now South Sudan, where the titular Edo barricades herself inside her home. She refuses to believe another of her infants has died, forcing milk into the dead baby’s mouth. Edo’s souls and stories are passed onto her only surviving child, Lucy, who later must flee to the north during the civil conflict. The novel explores different types of motherhood, and is embroidered with Gaitano’s gift for observing small moments in people’s lives.

Approximate number of pages: 260 p.

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Reasons to publish this book

This novel initiates readers about Sudan and South Sudan, through an intergenerational story that weaves between mythology and history.


  • English


    by Sawad Hussain

    published as

    Edo’s Souls in 2023 by Dedalus

Prizes and awards


Excerpt of Stella Gaitano’s “The Souls of Eddo” by Arablit, August 2020

A novel of motherhood and fragmentation in Sudan and South Sudan by Arablit, June 2020

Stella Gaitano Eddo’s Souls if First South Sudanese Novel to Win PEN Translates Award by Brittle Paper, June 2020

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