Habib Sayah

Habib Sayah


الحبيب السائح

Habib Sayah is an Algerian writer and novelist. Born in 1950 he studied literature at Oran University and worked at the Institute of Technological Education. In 1979, he published his first collection of short stories, and since then became a known figure in Arabic-language Algerian modern literature. He has published 10 novels, including four that were translated into French: That Longing (1997), Tamassikht (2002), That Love (2002) and The Guilty OnesThe Colour of Their Blood on My Hands (2009). He has also translated books of prose and poetry into French. He was awarded the Abdelhamid ben Hadouga Prize for the Novel in 2003, the Katara Prize in 2019 and was longlisted for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction that same year.

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Date of birth : 1950
Country of birth: Algeria
Country of residence: Algeria
Contact: Habib Sayah

Selected bibliography

  • تيبحيرين محنة الرهبان السبعة, The Fate of the Seven Monks of Tiberina*, Takween, Koweit, 2022
  • أنا و حاييم, Haim and I, Meskiliani, Tunisia, 2018. English translation: Haim and I, Katara Publishing House, Qatar, 2020; Chaim and Me, 2021, trans. by Raphael Cohen
  • كولونيل الزبربر,  Colonel Al-Zubarbar*, Dar Al Saqi, Lebanon, 2015
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  • مذنبون.. لون دمهم في كفي,  The Colour of Their Blood on My Hands*, El Hikma, 2008
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  • تلك المحبة, That Love*, Manshurat ANEP, Algeria, 2002
  • القرار, The Decision*, Al Sharikah Al Wataniyah lil Nashr wa Al Tawzi, Algeria, 1981

* Working title


Chaim And Me (A Chapter From Novel) by Short story Project, October 2021 (excerpt)

‘Me and Haim’: an Algerian Odyssey Through Racism by ArabLit, January 2019

Prizes and awards

  • Katara Prize for Arabic Novel, 2019
  • Longlist International Prize for Arabic Fiction, 2019
  • Abdelhamid ben Hadouga Prize for the Novel, 2003

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