Haim and I

Haim and I
أنا و حاييم
(Ana wa Hayyim)

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(الحبيب السائح)

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Muslim and Jewish Algerians fighting against French occupation

Haim and I follows two Algerians: a Jewish pharmacist Haim bin Maymun and a Muslim philosophy teacher Arsalan Hanafi, who grow up together in the same neighbourhood. They share meals and memories, attend the same primary school, secondary school, and university, facing racism and provocations under the French, in Saida, Mascara, Algiers, and Oran. Their destinies are interwoven, they both become part of the resistance movements against French colonialism, struggling to free their homeland, each in their own way. The war separates them, and the day after it ends, everything changes.

Approximate number of pages: 333 p.

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Reasons to publish this book

Haim and I challenges the mainstream idea of Jewish and Arab history in Algeria. An interesting novel for those interested in North Africa, or Jewish history in North Africa.


  • English


    published as

    Haim and I in Qatar in 2020 by Kattara Publishing House

Prizes and awards


Me and Haim: HABIB SAYAH by IPAF, 2019

‘Me and Haim’: an Algerian Odyssey Through Racism by ArabLit, January 2019

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