Rose’s Diary

Rose’s Diary
(working title)
يوميات روز
(Yawmiyât Rose)

Written by

(ريم الكمالي)

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The tragic life of a female writer in 1960’s Dubai

Deeply fond of literature and writing, Rose’s life is turned upside down when her mother dies. She is placed under her uncle’s guardianship and prevented from pursuing her literary studies in Damascus. Isolated from the outside world, Rose writes about her frustration and anger in her diary. But her entries also reveal her writing skills and storytelling abilities. The novel is situated in Dubai in the 1960s, a crucial point in history that witnesses the beginning of oil extraction, urban transformation, and political events which lead to the United Arab Emirates’ foundation as a federation in 1971. In a rich and poetic style, Reem Al Kamali’s novel takes us through Rose’s psychological turmoil while skillfully depicting various aspects of the society around her that are undergoing far-reaching changes.

Approximate number of pages: 223 p.

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Reasons to publish this book

Gulf societies arouse curiousity yet they are largely ignored in Europe. Beyond clichés, Reem Al Kamali’s book provides insights onto Dubai’s social life at a crucial stage in history through the lens of a young upper-class woman, a victim of a patriarchal society. Part of a new generation of female writers who frontally address the question of a woman’s status in the Gulf, Al Kamali portrays in a masterly way social issues, traditional culture, architecture, and history.


  • English


    by Chip Rossetti

    published as

    Rose’s Diary in the United Arab Emirates in 2024 by ELF Publishing

Prizes and awards


Reem Alkamali on ‘Rose’s Diary’, the first Emirati novel to be nominated for Ipaf in The National News, April 2022